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The ILA was delighted to have the participation of leading industry experts at many of our recent events:
Jay Cross M. L. Carr Elliott Masie Tony O
Jay Cross M. L. Carr Elliott Masie Tony O'Driscoll
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WBT Systems Selected by Association of Credit and Collection Professionals for e-Learning

New Hampshire, Oct 6th 2010 - WBT Systems, leading provider of e-Learning solutions, has today announced that ACA International, the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, has selected TopClass to power Campus ACA, its online educational resource for credit and collection industry professionals.  Read More

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CLO Magazine

"The financial support of Enterprise Ireland, as well as their own investments, allows ILA to focus on research and development and provide state-of-the-art services to the industry."

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Texas Instruments

"The Irish Technology Showcase was the most effective meeting with a group of vendors that I have attended anywhere in the world! The event was planned, scheduled and executed in an outstanding manner." Read More

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Irish Learning
Showcase 2010

Experience why the world's leading corporations are sourcing specialized software, services and expertise from Ireland.

July 21st & 22nd 2010, Dublin, Ireland 

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Welcome to the Irish Learning Alliance
Ireland is home to one of the world’s strongest clusters of e-Learning expertise and has been at the forefront of innovation and technology in learning for over 20 years. The Irish Learning Alliance provides a centralized access point to a cohesive set of companies within the cluster that span the spectrum of capabilities from off-the-shelf and custom content to services and technology. The ILA and its member companies have unmatched experience, a proven ability to work together to deliver powerful solutions, and are making investments in the future in order to sustain and increase their leadership position within the industry. Learn more...

Unmatched Experience

Unmatch Experience
The combined experience of ILA members consistently delivers the highest quality learning solutions in the world.Read more...

Proven To Work Together

informal learning
 Members have successfully collaborated on client projects, freeing customers to focus on their business.Read more...

World-class Quality

 learning technologies ILA Members have won international awards and praise for the quality of their learning solutions.Read more...

Cutting-Edge Research

 learning innovation ILA members are engaged in multi-million dollar next generation e-Learning researchRead more...

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